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    Custom Dialog box InDesign CS3/4


      What is the javascript code to create my own dialog box with buttons named (Browse, Help, Select, Done) without OK and Cancel button in Indesign javascript for InDesign CS3/4?


      I don't need OK and cancel button in my Dialog.

      Please help.


      Thanks in advance for your effort.

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          There is no such code.


          The standard dialog function from CS3 (which is the same in CS4) cannot create a dialog without an OK button. No Cancel is OK, actually:


          "If true, creates a Cancel button in the dialog that allows users to close the dialog without saving any selections. If false, the dialog contains an OK button but no Cancel button."


          but no OK is not OK. It also seems (good thing I checked!) that you cannot define any button of your own at all! So you have to use radiobuttons or checkboxes.


          I suppose it doesn't help you but all of this is possible in CS4; you'd have to use ScriptUI for that (see the Javascript Tools Reference for that, available on Adobe's site).

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            tansk02 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.


            It looks workable. Actually I am new in scripting,  can you a provide me  code for create a own dialog?