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    How to rescale correctly a .flv videoclip?


      How to rescale correctly a .flv videoclip?

      I installed the Adobe MasterCollection CS4.
      I rendered a video with 3dsMax2010 at this resolution: 1024x576pixels, progressive scan, pixel aspect ratio 1,0 square.
      I want insert this video on a website, initially small, and after, by clicking the FullScreen button, I want that this become large at maximum resolution...


      I imported the .FLV file in Flash:
      ImportVideo> *.flv > Added SkinBarMenu with FullScreen Button > Replaced the remote address instead of local address: http://www.cavallodario.it/...


      I rescaled the video at 720x405pixels and also the Flash Document to fit it.
      I included the video in the webpage with Dreamweaver, with FullScreen playback properties.


      At this time I ask:

      When I playback the video on the website, it appears at 720x405pixels;


      - When I click on FullScreen button, the video become up-scaled from 720x405px and loose the resolution?
      - Or at FullScreen, I can view it at the original resolution of 1024x576pixels, in the same manner as when it is imported in Flash?


      - Such Flash video behavior, is the same as YouTube videos? (From small, it become hi-res at FullScreen, conserving original dimensions)?


      Thanks in advance!