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    Open pdf with the #nameddest command




      I'd like to open a pdf on a defined article with the #nameddest commant from a html side.

      My problem is, that works only the first time. When I scroll in the pdf dokument, close the document and open it again via the html link it opens the document on that page on which I closed the document and not on the defined artikle.

      We use the MS Internet Explorer ver 6.0 and the reader version 7 in our company.

      Is this a problem of:


      - the old reader version

      - the cache from the internet explorer

      - the pdf plugin on the internet explorer

      - ......


      or is there a special command which I can add to the url ?


      The url at the moment looks like: - http:// ......... / Manual01.pdf#nameddest=Part01.indd:Artikel_12


      Thank you for your help


      PS: I made the links already in InDesign and convert it to pdf, that's why there is a .indd in the url.