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    Spark Video Player path  problem - video not play from  root

    Mohit M Chavda Level 1

      Hi ,


      I use spark VideoDisplay control for run .flv file but when i run in builder it's run file and video.flv is taken successfully from it's root.
      But i want to play only exported .swf file and whatever video is .swf's root it play but it's now work project.swf can't pickup video from it's root.

      If i use   compiler statement "-user-network=false" and exported project and now i use project.swf separately then it's work fine , video is pick up from it's root ( in same folder when project.swf)  but now my project is not able to call HTTPService that can send information to current server.


      My requirement is to call any video.flv file which play in project.swf file and also send HTTPService Call.


      Is any body knows how can i solve this problem ? i have very less time to complate this


      Thanks in advanced.
      Mohit Chavda