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    AE CS5 Preview rendering

    Geoff Vane

      When I render previews with the RAM preview button, I often get just a short sequence and then rendering stops automatically.

      Now I thought this is due to RAM shortage.


      Thing is, when I press the normal play button, I first get a realtime playback of the rendered part and then rendering is continued.

      When I try the RAM preview button again, it just renders the same short sequence.


      - Why can't the RAM preview button render more, while the the normal play button can?

      - Why do preview renders often disappear when I try to render some more with the RAM preview button?


      I find myself pressing the preview render button over and over, with very unpredictable outcome of what will happen: rendering extra material or deleting the existing preview and render another part. Is there any way to take control over what RAM preview does?