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    Second Graphics Card for HDTV Output + HDV Live Preview

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      Hi guys,


      I have a few questions about hardware and Premiere Pro CS5. I am using Windows 7 x64 with a Dual DVI nVidia GeForce 7950GT which is outputting to two DVI LCD monitors. I want to install a second graphics card so I can look at the main preview window in Premiere on my HD LCD TV and would like to know what the best plan of attack is. Also, I want to be able to preview my HDV captures on my HDTV as relying on the 2.5" LCD on my Sony HVR is not eye-friendly!


      I am thinking about either selling the 7950GT and buying a GeForce 470GTX which has 2 dvi and 1 mini-hdmi, or, keeping the 7950 and buying a cheapish 2nd graphics card to just use for the HDTV. What do you guys think is the best option?


      This is the graphics card I am thinking of getting ( http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=hs87bcOLPd9irXRk&templete=2 ) an ASUS ENGTX470  / 2DI / 1280 MD5, my server can just handle it's power requirements, but I am happy to upgrade the power supply if this card will ouput to 2 DVI monitors and also to a HD TV with a mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter. An Antec 1000w power supply is only about $225!


      Or, I can take the cheap option and get an NVIDIA Quadro FX 580  by Leadtek( http://www.leadtek.com/eng/workstation_graphics/overview.asp?lineid=2&pronameid=491&check= f ) which is a cheapy with 2 HDMI and 1 DVI. I guess there are other PCI-X graphics cards out there to choose from which are probably fine, but it would be awesome to know what some of you guys are using.

      Surely there are others out there that already have a dual monitor setup with a third LCD TV for previewing?


      Anyhelp would be much appreciated!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          All those video cards can only support two connections at a time, either 2 x DVI or 1 x DVI plus 1 x HDMI. Not three. For a third monitor you need a second video card, preferably the same brand as the primary one.

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            Jon-M-Spear Level 4

            ...or allegedly a capture card such as the Blackmagic Intensity Pro or Matrox MX02 Mini.


            I'm about to go down that route, but am not quite there yet to be able to herald its success - or otherwise!

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              Thrill Media Level 2

              Here's a thread on this topic:



              I had a BM HD Extreme and it worked great, no complaints as long as you keep your drivers current.  The only thing I didn't like was having to use the BM presets, especially now that PP handles my cards natively.  I guess it depends on which BM/AJA card you have and what type of decks you are outputting to.


              I then changed to the second video card solution and am happy!  I have the 470 and it works great for MPE and to drive my two computer monitors.  The older GS 7600 drives the HD monitor fine.


              In your case, I would think that you could use the 7950GT for your HD LCD and the 470 for MPE.


              You can't (AFAIK) preview while capturing on the LCD HD but you could still preview your captures on your computer monitor LCD and that would be bigger/better than the camcorder.  Why isn't that happening now?


              Hope this helps!

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                java lang Level 1

                @Harm: Thanks for that, I thought a card with three outputs would be  too good to be true. I think I will buy a much cheaper 2nd PCI-X  graphics card and just use its HDMI output for the HDTV. We will be  doing a complete overhaul of this machine sometime in the future and I  will buy an awesome graphics card with power supply to boot then.


                @J-MS: Currently we are moving away from a Matrox Axio HD as their  support for Windows 7 and CS5 has been lackluster, and I don't reward  companies that provide zero or no support with future business. I would  rather be free of a third-parties proprietary codecs, plugin and  decoders.



                @Thrill: Thanks for the link to that post, I read through it and it looks like I need to get a second card that is the same make as the existing card (ie. nVidia), which is what Harm was saying. When I capture from the tape deck, the capture preview window in Premiere goes blue and says in 5 different languages that the preview is going to show on the input device, or words to that effect. I am therefore looking at a 2.5" lcd for capturing! fail. I don't know why that is happening now to be honest, maybe it was because I was in a Matrox HD sequence before and the input device wasn't set correctly? I will double-check it again and see what the deal is.


                I am very tempted to just get an el-cheapo nVidia 8400GS Turbo Cache 512M DDR3 DVI HDMI which is only $39!!!! It has HDMI and is small and has a very low power drain on the system. If it outputs to the HDTV then that's all I need, if it doesn't, I sell it on ebay for $25 and lose $14, big deal.

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                  FelixUnderwood Level 2

                  Matrox is moving away from the Axio HD because it is a piece of hardware that was designed the earlier part of this decade, which makes it nearly Smithsonian material in our industry. I have the "newer" Axio LE that I bought in 2006 (still Smithsonian) and I opted to build a whole new rig with Matrox's latest product, the MXO2-LE w/MAX simply because I don't want to squeeze extra life out of a product whose time has come. And now gone. One can only expect a company to support harware until it is just too outdated to be able to be supported reliably. CS5 and 64-bit are huge game changers. The MXO2-LE is nice because it is an outboard device, so there's no longer the heat generated by the huge Axio cards. That job has been handed off to my GTX480!

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                    java lang Level 1

                    Hey Felix, thanks for your response. Your are right, the Axio is old but we have projects that have been started with it and so we can't just jump ship, but we also want to upgrade our PC so it's nice and fast and modern, but the Axio driver support just stabs us in the back with each step we take.


                    Anyhow, I am interested to know what features the MXO2 give you that make you decide to work with it?

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      You have one alternative with a serious drawback: ATI without hardware MPE support, but with up to 6 displays on a single card. The Eyefinity models. But is protects you from anything Matrox, which is a clear advantage, or even BM.

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                        java lang Level 1

                        Thanks for that Harm, I am happy to get a second graphics card for the HDTV, considering they aren't expensive anymore and the current system is able to handle the work load fine. ATI do make a good cards and one card with up to 6 outputs is awesome, but without MPE support I can't bring myself to buying one. Cheers

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                          Powered by Design Level 4

                          The preview window while capturing only shows when capturing SD and not HD.


                          It has never done that.  I cant remember why off hand.


                          It would be nice since more cameras are going HD.


                          Like you when I capture HDV I have to look at my tiny camera monitor.


                          But its not that important to be watching that close anyway.  Start the capture early and end late then cut what you want.




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                            FelixUnderwood Level 2

                            I just started using this new build last night and I will post back in about a week once everything's adjusted, including overclocking settings. But to answer your question, my main reason for going with the MXO2 is for that third monitor output. Since I edit material that will always be watched by other people, I want to see it off of a computer screen. Plus I mainly do TV spots, so I have to have that third monitor. But I also like the Matrox because it will accept all sorts of file formats and inputs, including HDMI, component, SDI, S, and yes, even composite! And lastly, since I have the version with MAX, it supposedly offers accelerated outputs to H.264, which is my main export file format. I have no problem giving Marox another chance now that the expressway has been widened to 64 lanes. After all, look at the improvement Adobe was able to make with CS5. And Microsoft, for that matter. So, it's early yet, being that I just completed this build last weekend, so I'll report on my CS5 hardware/software upgrade when I have more experience with it.

                            p.s. I especially like Matrox because I got an almost brand new MXO2-LE w/MAX with a PCI-e card AND the laptop card for $800! (Paid $4K for the Axio LE back in '06!)

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                              java lang Level 1

                              @Powered: Previously we were capturing HD through a Matrox BoB and  when capturing with that it will output a preview to the HD TV as that  was plugged into the BoB, so I was looking for something else that would  achieve the same that wasn't Matrox. We don't want to spend another  couple thousand dollars for newer Matrox technology just to look at  previews on a nice big HD TV. I guess no one else out there can achieve  the same unless they are using something by Matrox or BM? If there are  cheaper alternatives to achieve a HD capture preview I would love to  hear them.


                              @Felix: I have been looking at the MXO2 mini and that might be the thing to get to achieve the HD capture monitoring. The mini is only about $450 which is about the same price as an nVidia GTX470, and the 470 won't output HD captures to a HD TV, so I think we will be getting an MXO2 for now and get a better graphics card in the future when the entire system is upgraded. It sounds like you got a good deal there, what is the laptop card? One of those mini cards you can insert into some laptops on the side?


                              Thanks for all your help guys, you are all awesome.

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                                I just had an idea and thought I would run it by you. I am thinking that the cheapest solution would be to buy an HDMI cable and plug that from my HVR-M25 to the HDTV and preview the HD video during capture, plug the HVR to the PC with FireWire, and then get an el-cheapo $40 graphics card with HDMI out as a second graphics card and plug the HDMI out on that to a different HDMI port on the TV.


                                That way when I am capturing I just switch the TVs source to HDMI 1 so I can preview live HD captures.


                                And when I want to edit in Premiere (after capturing) I just change the source to HDMI 2 and work from there.


                                Is this not possible? If it is, it would save a lot of money as I wouldn't need a Matrox MXO2 and could use generic profiles...

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                                  Yes, the laptop card allows the MXO2 to be used with a laptop, though I can't imagine using it in that configuration, myself.