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    Can't read a book

    Billy McKim

      I feel like a fool in this august company, but I can't do anything in Adobe Digital Editions.  I have a black window with the title of the book I want to read entered in the right hand panel, but clicking on it does nothing.  I just want to know what I am supposed to do the read the book?


      Thanks, Bill

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          Dog of War

          If you're in library view there should be a small click-down arrow next to the book cover. You can click that to open item. Or just double click the cover to open the ebook. If you're in reading view, you should be able to scroll through the pages using arrow keys or scroll bar on far right side.

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            Billy McKim Level 1

            Thank you Dog of War, that began to clarify things for me.  I get the same view in both Library and Reader, which is just an icon, not a picture of the cover of the book, and double clicking doesn't do anything.


            I clicked on a right pointing small arrow at the upper left corner of the book icon and got a menu.  I selected Error, and got a message that the "Document is licensed for a different user account"  It's licensed to me at my Barnes and Noble account.  Is it telling me it isn't licensed to me at my Adobe account?  And, if it is, is there any thing I can do about it?


            Thanks, Bill

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              Silver-haired Fox

              I'm having the same problem.  The books are licensed to me from B&N and I can't read them.  Same message about item "Document is licensed for a different user account".  I did have another userid (or so the thing claims) but if so, that was quite a while ago and my books were ordered under the present ID.  There is nowhere it will let me enter this old userid anyway.

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                Digital Editions does not (yet) support content from B&N.