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    Image Load bug




      I'm using OSMF 1.0 as a basis for a player. When I run this player in Safari or Chrome and try to load an Image, I always get the following error:


      ArgumentError: Invalid parameter passed to method
           at org.osmf.traits::LoadTrait/setBytesLoaded()
           at org.osmf.elements.loaderClasses::LoaderLoadTrait/loadStateChangeStart()
           at org.osmf.traits::LoadTrait/setLoadState()
           at org.osmf.traits::LoadTrait/onLoadStateChange()
           at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
           at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
           at org.osmf.traits::LoaderBase/updateLoadTrait()
           at MethodInfo-4147()


      After debugging with Chrome browser, I found that this error is thrown is the setBytesLoaded function, because the bytesTotal is registered as 0 but the byteLoaded return correctly. I cannot reproduce this error in FireFox, as it works as expected there.


      The way I construct an Image element and load it:


      var imageElement : ImageElement = new ImageElement(new URLResource(vo.entry.downloadUrl+"/.a.jpg"), new ImageLoader());




      player.media = imageElement;


      I wanted to ask whether I can assume this is an OSMF bug? I cannot reproduce it on my other browsers (IE, FireFox). Please let me know.