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    Blinking icons/texts/windows while AE4 is running


      Hello all.
      I have some weird problem. When i open After  Effects CS4, icons, other programs and After Effects of course starts to  blink, lag and so so. When After Effects isn't running, everything  works fine. At first i thought that this is a OS problem, so after ~2  months i bought new HDD and formated it, installed Windows XP SP3,  installed After Effects CS4, but problem didn't dissapear.

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS6749ID0Zc

      *These warnings are from wrongly installed cycore HD.


      I've  asked on my country hardware forums, they said that it's a GPU problem  and my videocard going to die in one month, but i'm still living with  this problem for three months. However, i think it's not GPU problem,  because that problem appears to be only in After Effects. And if it is  GPU problem, is this possible to fix it? I also tried to install Trial version.

      * Sorry for my bad english.

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          However, i think it's not GPU problem


          Trust your hardware geeks - it is. The only question is whether it is a driver problem or a genuine hardware problem, but I, too would lean toward the latter. Such blips are typical of defective or overheating graphics chips or the peripheral equipment. In essence it is constantly crashing your graphics chip and trying to catch these errors by reinitializing it. This may not be the card itself, but a bad PCI slot or one of those tiny resistors on teh motherboard losing contact when it gets warm, causing voltage variations that your card can't handle. could even be a hairline fracture in one of the electric lanes... In any case, it will probably not be fixable short of buying a new motehrboard and graphics card...



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            But why it's happening only in After Effects CS4? And my card isn't overheating. Haven't seen more than 70 degrees playing games like GTA IV and GRID. (ATI HD 4870 1GB).

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              Then perhaps it is using a lane or command set while running AE it isn't using otherwise... Impossible to tell. There's definitely a problem there somewhere and you running on a legacy OS like WinXP certainly adds an extra level of complication with regards to how the driver behaves... Sorry I cannot be of more assistance, but this realyl is something where you would have to open the computer and watch things whiel running AE plus of course checking cables and al lthat beforehand plus checking the driver. i suggest you grab a hold of your next best computer-geek (at school?) and have him have a look.