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    Broken Catalyst Pages

    Jose M. Ramos Level 3

      When Catalyst was released I posted in my website samples of Catalyst webpages I had worked on. I simply uploaded the "deploy-to-web" folder to the webserver using an FTP client. I use Mediatemple for web hosting. All of my samples worked and looked great.


      Recently, I went to these samples and noticed that ALL of them failed to load and slapped me with an "Error #2046" message. You can see one of them for yourself here:




      I tried replacing the files to no avail. I've tried using different browsers and Operating systems. Nothing. Has this happened to someone else?

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          I had the same problem with a Flex 4 based application that was built with the Flex 4 Beta SDK.  It just stopped working one day.


          I re-built the app using the released version of Flex, uploaded and it was still broken like you suggest.


          I cleared my browser-cache and it started working fine.


          I did some redirect tricks on the server to point other users to a new url to avoid the caching problem and called it a day.


          My guess was that it had to do with either an expired or removed version of the signed RSL at adobe that the beta version loaded.



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            Jose M. Ramos Level 3

            Thanks Marc. You're exactly right. Unfortunately, I'm not able to open with the latest release of Catalyst. I've tried to import it into Fl Builder but it will not build a final release. I'm afraid my Flex skills are as good as my cooking. Not good.