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    Reader no longer exists in control panel, but remainss on desktop can't use, update or remove??


      Have adobe 9.3 though never figuredhow to use. Lately when start computer I am notified of update.

      When I attempt to update it fails to do so (can't recall error message).

      When I try to uninstall Reader at control panel recieve message " cannot be opened, verify patch package exists or contact vendor..."

      Googling this message took me to forums whose most prominent recommendationseemed to be to download "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" which Microsoft no longer supports but can be downloaded at majorgeeks .com

      Downloaded, ran, and "apparrently" uninstalled Adobe 9.3 as it no longer exists in control panel, yet icon still exists (and registers as 4 KBs in properties).

      When I attempt to download new Reader I am informed it already exists.

      Have scanned and tried to fix errors with registry cleaners.

      Anyone have any suggestions?

      Thnk you