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    Get user groups and username

    fstarfeld Level 1

      I work with ActionScript 3 and LiveCycle workspace 8.2.  I need to read the user name (display name) for a user which has logged in to workspace and additionally I want to retrieve the users group names.


      With help of the following code I am able to get a user object (class lc.domain.user) and display the user information, but I'm not able to read the user name and groups.


                      var session : SessionMap = SessionMap( Application.application.session );
                      var sessionManager : ISessionManager = ISessionManager( session.getObject( "lc.core.ISessionManager" ) );

                      var user:User = sessionManager.authenticatedUser;

                      Alert.show( ObjectUtil.toString( user) );


      According to the API the lc.domain.user class has a public property displayName and groups, but the Compiler does not recognize these properties and there are no getter or setter methods.


      Any ideas?

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          I am not sure about ActionScript APIs.


          If you could consider an alternet way, you could try this.


          Create a short lived process with a LDAP search component. Search the user info in LDAP and return the memberOf attribute.


          This short-lived process can be invoked from PDF/Flex form through SOAP.