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    Using Lingo To Control Quicktime Movie.




      Running Director 11.5 under Win XP Pro.


      I want to be able to use lingo to control a QT movie such that I can programatically start and stop the movie and move to the next or previous frame, but can't see an easy way to do the frame advance bit using native Director lingo functionality. If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be dead useful.


      Basically the plan is to write a visual movie editor that allows creation and submission of a simple EDL to a third party system (Anystream Agility as it happens). This was trivial to do for MPEG using the MPEGAdvance xtra, but it seems a bit more problematic for QT!




      Thanks in advance


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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          You can use Mpeg Advance for quicktime movies, so if you have a working solution for Mpegs using that xtra, you should be able to use the exact same thing for quicktime movies.  The QT format is really just MPEG-4 with some custom headers.


          But if you really want to use the QT xtra in Director, you would simply have to find the frame rate (I believe there is a .fps or .framerate property) and use sprite("qtSprite").currentTime to set the playhead to the place where you want it.

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            put QTSprite.movietime -- the current playhead position in the movie

            QTSprite.movietime = 100 -- sets the playhead position in the movie (AKA the current frame in the movie)


            put QTSprite.movierate -- displays the current play rate of the movie

            QTSprite.movierate = 1 -- playing forward at normal speed

            QTSprite.movierate = 2 -- playing forward at twice normal speed

            QTSprite.movierate = -1 -- playing backwards at normal speed

            QTSprite.movierate = 0 -- stopped