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    CS5 Media browser - missing clips


      Hello all,


      Tried to use media browser to import clips and it will only see SOME of them.


      I transferred the entire AVCHD native root folder from each of my 3 cameras and placed them on my PC's media drive in folders labeled camera 1, 2 and 3 respectively.


      Camera 1 media browser will only see files 99-154
      Camera 2 it sees nothing
      Camera 3 it sees all of them


      This is when viewing as "AVCHD" in the media browser window. If I select "View as: File Directory" it sees every file in each of the cameras folders. If I navigate through the folder structure in Windows Explorer all the clips/files are present.


      My cameras had all been cleared of any other footage prior to the shoot, contained only footage was from the day of this particular shoot. Oh, and just to help with trouble shooting....FCP's log and transfer window sees everything just fine, so I am fairly certain that it is not file/folder corruption


      My own trouble shooting:


      Connecting camera 1 to the PC directly via USB and CS5 media browser when Viewing as: AVCHD, sees files 99-154


      Connected to the Mac, CS5 media browser when Viewing as: AVCHD sees files 99-154


      Connected to the SAME Mac opened FCP's Log and Transfer window and it sees everything. Files 1-154 with thumbnails.


      AM I MISSING SOMETHING?!?  Please help......thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

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          Chemex74 Level 1

          Starting to wonder if there is a limit to the number of clips that "View as: AVCHD" in media browser is able to see....




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            Chemex74 Level 1

            Well I am just gonna keep posting my research on this matter here on this forum in hopes that SOMEBODY......ANYBODY....can help me to find out the reason for this issue.


            I filmed a wedding Saturday with 4 Panny HDC-HS700 AVCHD cams.  Shot b-roll all morning, shot the ceremony, then the reception.


            my camera 2 had 96 files on it.  all the files were short clips except for the ceremony which was about 27 min. long.  NONE of the files on this camera exceeded the 4gb file size limit of the camera's harddrive.  So there were no spanned files.


            PPRO would not see ANY of these clips in the media browser when in "View as: AVCHD" but would see all of them in "View as: file directory"


            Now for the fun part.


            I turned my camera on made 6 more short clips to put the total to 102 and then  recorded for an hour and ten mins. straight.  creating a spanned avchd file in with all the other 102 clips.


            Plugged the camera into the PC directly, and found that PPRO now sees clips 97-103 in "View as: AVCHD" in the media browser....but the first 96 are not there still?!?!?!?!?!?


            I have another instance where I filmed a pretty large job in Atlanta a few months back, so I pulled that footage in........it would again see all the files in "View as: file directory"  but this time in "View as: AVCHD" it would see files 1-20 then skip to files 121-259


            I will add again that Final Cut Pro 7's Log and Transfer window has seen ALL of the above mentioned clips spanned and unspanned without issue whatsoever.


            PLEASE HELP.....starting to lose my mind here.


            I HOPE that I am doing something wrong....so that the fix will be easy. 

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              Chemex74 Level 1




              took the above mentioned camera 2 and recorded enough small clips in addition to the other 104 to get the qty to over 200.......


              Now in "View as: AVCHD" instead of 97 - 103


              I SEE CLIPS 197-211


              seeing a pattern of "97" here...which raises the question......can PPRO's media browser only see clips 1-96 then 97-196 then 197-296???????????





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                shooternz Level 6

                Try bringing them in directly from Explorer.

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                  Chemex74 Level 1

                  Hey Shooter....thanks for helping out.


                  I just tried to import them into PPRO using explorer like you suggested........it will import all the files, problem is, it just won't span/stitch together long clips.


                  It seems as though the Media browser is the only way to "see" multiple AVCHD clips as one long "Spanned" file.


                  Any other suggestions?  Please? 


                  this isnt making sense.........that it will see 1-96 then 97-196 etc.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Are 96 and 97 the spanned clips?

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                      Chemex74 Level 1

                      no....they aren't.


                      103-104 are the spanned clips


                      so it will see any and all spanned clips and unspanned clips within 1-96  then 97-196  197- havent tried anything higher but I assume it will prolly see to 296.



                      but if you can view 97-196 and you have a clip that is spanned lets say 45-46 you cant see it as a spanned clip.....only see it as individual clips in the "file directory" view

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                        I am having exactly the same problem with my mts files created with my Panny TM700.


                        Basically, if I have the media browser set on View as AVCHD, the media browser very often misses 0-99 files, if I rename a file then AVCHD setting cant find it.


                        If I have the Media Browser set on 'file directory' the navigate to the stream folder, I see all my files.


                        Has anyone had the same problem and found a fix?


                        Many Thanks



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                          Chemex74 Level 1

                          Hey Gazzaspi,


                          I have yet to get an answer that fixes the issue.  I film weddings, and when I have a Catholic service to shoot (which are typically longer in duration) that is where I run into this issue.  In the case of a LONG wedding ceremony for example, I am shooting short b-roll clips before the ceremony, then filming a long ceremony (where spanned files are necessary) then adding more short b-roll clips after the ceremony, then even more short b-roll clips at the reception.  My ceremony spanned files are usually located in the first 97 files.  Soon as I record more than that PPro can no longer see them as "spanned" files.


                          I did however find my own work arounds:


                          Solution 1:  Film b-roll to the camera's internal hard-drive, film the ceremony ONLY to the SD card, and then return to filming all the rest of the b-roll and reception clips to the internal hard-drive.  shorts clips as we know do not need to be spanned, so we can use the "file directory view" and it is fine.  On the SD card my long ceremony "spanned" files are the only ones there, so it has it's own AVCHD folder structure.  Problem solved.


                          another way you could do this is to offload the ore-ceremony b-roll clips to a laptop before the ceremony starts, however SD cards would be the easier, quicker option.


                          2:  Rely solely on SD cards so that when you are approaching 80-90 clips you can switch to another card before approaching the problem.


                          Wish I could offer more help, but this at least solves the issue for now, knowing how we can work around the problem.





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                            Gazzaspi Level 1

                            Hi T Craft

                            Thanks for your reply. None of my clips are spanned files.
                            I have just returned from holiday and typically shot around 20gig of data a day,  average 150- 250 clips the largest clip about 700mb.
                            The days where I had less than 99 files no problem.

                            I will fill out a bug report.

                            Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.