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    Text transitions?


      Second trivial question for the day.


      Is it possible to create a transition on a text layer in PRE8?


      Ex - I have a still image following a video clip. Still image is 10 second duration, and after 3 seconds I want the text layer to appear (which is working.) But I'd like to have the text layer fade in rather than just appear?


      so the timeline looks like...


      video clip -> transition -> still image (3 seconds)->transition text in->text OVER still image


      make sense?

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          visionp1 Level 1

          Ok god nevermind. Looks like I took my stupid pills this morning.  Found the transitions UNDER the text stuff....duh!


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can apply transitions, effects and motion paths to titles just as you can any other clip, visionp.


            Just make sure you're in Timeline mode so that you can see the title clip. Then you can add fades in or out (right-clicking on the clip) or apply any other transition or effect to it.


            If you need help with some of these basic functions, have a look at my free Basic Training for Premiere Elements tutorials on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com. I also have a number of books available online that will show you in detail how to work with all of the tools in the program.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Along with the Presets in the Titler, you can add other Transitions from the Transitions/Effects Panel.


              You can also create your own, for some types of Transitions, with the use of other Effects, and then Keyframing those Effects with the Edit Effects Panel. I will often create what amounts to Transitions, with the Blur Effects and the Opacity Effect and Keyframes.


              Good luck,