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    Preview inside the premiere


      hey people i need your help!!!
      well I have premiere CS3 and CS5 in differents computers, but i need to preview my work, without exporting, like a way to preview inside premiere but without the interphase, only the video....someone has tell me that he has already see that...
      is it POSIBLE?? HOW????

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          Thrill Media Level 2

          place cursor over program monitor and hit the tilda "~" key.


          Play using spacebar or j,k,l.


          Hope that helps.

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            jidavero2010 Level 1


            but I already had tried that....


            what i wanted for is diferent; i will explain what i want:


            i want to introduce titles to my alive recording, i have a Video Mixer(Swither), mixing my Cameras alive, and in one source of the VideoMixer I introduce the computer source, (using the S-VIDEO port of my 7200 Nvidia Card), and to introduce the titles, i make them in premiere with a black background, so i can use the Chroma Key of the Video Mixer and introduce the title.......... but my problem is this: if i want to introduce a title i have to EXPORT it, that is taking to much time, so i want a way to preview my title but only the video, without the "controls" and also without the interphase, so the CHROMA KEY, of my Video mixer dont be affected, and save me the time of exporting, that makes my production extremely slow....


            do i have make my point???


            in others words I need that premiere previews my video inside(without exporting), but without the play, backwards, forward, stop controls, and without the appearence of a window..... i only want the video alone...... 

            i repeat someone tell me that he already have seen that.....

            is that possible???

            or maybe something that can help, with my problem... everything will be welcome..:D!!!

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              JaysonM-Y Level 3

              bold letters remind me of caps lock. RELEASE THE FURY!!!

              my bad, you might want to render for playback instead of exporting, which would be to hit the 'Enter' key.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If this is a live feed from your mixer, I wonder if On-Location will give you what you want?


                Good luck,



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                  jidavero2010 Level 1

                  what you mean for "live feed from your mixer"?????????

                  mixer.jpgthis is what  im using


                  Can i use ON Location=??? howw???

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                    Thrill Media Level 2

                    Well, the other way would be to add a second graphics card that can output your signal. from the program monitor.. either a 2nd video card or a Black Magic or AJA type of card/device.


                    Hope that helps!

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                      JaysonM-Y Level 3



                      You're doing live mixing.

                      You make the titles in premier.

                      You want full screen preview, no window. Therefore you want to preview on your desktop? If so there is a little dialogue drop arrow to the top right of the Program Monitor, hit it and go down to 'Playback Settings' and change the 'External Device' to whatever(something connected that PP recognizes) you wanna preview through...

                      Also from what I know On location would be your best bet...


                      Also a question; stations that do live broadcasting usually have pre rendered title templates don't they? That usually, one would only have to change the text?


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                        jidavero2010 Level 1

                        Exactly i only want to preview, in the external monitor!!!!!

                        well i will try it... but no right now, because i dont have over here the computer... i will tell u what happens....


                        yes i know they use prerendered templates... but im new in this, so i looking ways to improve...


                        Thanks to everybody.. i will tell u what were the results