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    Copying effects in PPRO

    UlfLaursen Level 2

      I have some stills I want to use a cutaways. I want to make small zooms and pans on them. Is it possible to copy the effect from one still and 'paste' it onto the others?





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Yep, several ways to do this:


          1. Just click the Effect name (even Motion counts), copy it in the manner of your choosing, select all destination clips, and paste.
          2. Select the clip in the sequence that contains the effect(s) and animation, copy it, select the destination clips and select Edit > Paste Attributes (Ctrl+Alt+V).
          3. Create an effect preset; select your effects in the Effects Control Panel, click the flyout menu (lil' stack o' pancakes) and select Save Preset. Set the options to your preference, and it'll be saved in the Effects Bin.
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            UlfLaursen Level 2

            Thanks a lot Colin - absolutly great