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    LiveCycle Form - Need Checkbox to show/hide image


      My checkbox is named Ucheck.  The image is named UStamp.  I need the checkbox to turn the image visible.


      I've read the other forum answers and have found this example:


      var showHide = event.target.isBoxChecked(0)?display.visible:display.hidden;

      this.getField("Text036").display = showHide;


      However, when I the above script in to my form (changinging the (getField to "Ustamp") on LiveCycle, it gives me this answer


      Script failed(language is formcalc;context is


      script=var showHide=




      Error: syntax error near token "?" on line 1, column 44.


      When I take the "?" out, it says it doesn't like something else about the script.

      I know NOTHING about Javascript, so haven't a clue how to debug this.  I do program in Access, but am not real familar with VB either.


      Thank you for helping this know-nothing....