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    Consistent Crash: Debug Movie


      My copy of Flash CS4 has recently started to crash whenever I attempt to debug a movie. It will even do it to brand new movies I create. My Flash CS4 version is 10.0.2, and there are no Flash CS4 updates listed when I select update from the help menu. The following steps will consistently produce a crash:


      1. Create new project of type Flash File (Actionscript 3.0)
      2. Add a simple object to the stage, ie. Static TextBox, Rectangle drawn by the rectangle tool, etc.
      3. Save the FLA to the file system
      4. Covert it to a symbol and give it an actionscript class name (otherwise when you attempt to debug, you get the "no actionscript" error)
      5. From the tool bar, select "Debug -> Debug Movie".
      6. Flash CS4 crashes
      7. The swf appears once the Flash CS4 application fully closes and the process disappears from the task manager.


      If at step 5 I export the movie instead of debugging it, the movie exports fine, and the .swf can be opened and viewed normally. Likewise, "Control -> Test Movie" or "Control -> Test Scene" work fine as well. It's something else in the Debug step that's causing the error.


      Like I said, this is a very new behavior and it's incredibly frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.