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    multiplexing - mpeg for media server - audio sync issue




      this has been a pain in my side.  i have recently turned over from tape delivery to usb stick delivery to one of my stations that air the weekly telecast i produce. i am exporting to mpg using the following setting per the stations requirements to air off their video server:

      quality = 5


      720 x 480

      29.97 fps

      drop frame

      upper field


      profile = main

      level = main



      M frames 3

      N frames 15

      closed gop = 0

      multiplex mpeg

      Also i have updated ppro to 5.02...

      if i multiplex using tmpeg software i get no sync issues.. please see picture below.  see audio us out of sync by several frames first audio track is the master... second is the audio from the encode using the setting i listed below... please help dying over this...