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    Live HTTP and video delay - synching media




      I am fairly new to OSMF and have been looking at live http streaming both dynamic and single stream. I noticed that the stream is quite delayed approximately 20secs and I assume this is all to with the segmentation and buffering happening at the server and client.


      I'd like to use http live in a webcasting application where PPT slides are synched to media. The best way I can think of doing this is the following.


      1) Use FMLE to send a stream to livepkgr on FMS 4.0

      2) Write a flash application and some serverside actionscript to embed "cue points" or metadata events into the live stream

      3) Have the OSMF based player extract this metadata and fire events to do image loading etc


      Is this possible and what would be the best place forto look?

      Does the cuepoint metadata persist to the player even after segmentation etc