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    Acrobat 9 Pro & CS4 Forms


      I created an error report form using Acrobat 9 Pro and enabled "Extended Forms Fill-In Save in Adobe Reader," so users using the free Adobe 8 Reader can use it.  I just discovered that three users in our graphics dept will also need to use the form, they are using CS4 on Mac's.

      Here's the problem: When the Mac people fill out and save the form and I open it using either Reader 8 or 9 Pro the text in the fill in fields are masked in blue highlight thus hiding the text.

      For example: I have two fields one named "Customer" and another named "Date".

      A Mac user opens the form, fills in the two fields and saves it.  I open the .pdf and see two blue highlighted fields where text should be.  If I click on the "Customer" field the text in that field will appear, now if I click on "Date" the text in the "Customer" field will be hidden by the blue highlight and the text in the "Date" field will display. If a Mac user reopens the .pdf they have NO issue viewing the text in the fill in fields, doesn't matter if it was filled out using PC or MAC or Both.


      Here's where it get even more weird.... If a PC user using Reader 8 or 9 Pro fills in part of the .pdf and a Mac user using CS4 fills in the rest, as stated above all the fill in fields are masked by a blue highlight when opened on a PC and if the form is printed out (black & white) ONLY the text entered by the Mac user is printed, the fields fill out by the PC user are blank.


      Is there some setting I'm missing?  Or a work around?