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    Embeded Flash component not working

      I have createdf a Flash movie using the Drag & Drop Learning Interactions Component using Flash MX 2004. The interaction works fine as standalone Flash movie but when embedded in an Adobe Presenter presentation, the drag works ok but it will not drop the object. I have had the Breeze control the Flash movie and also Breeze not control the movie.
      Any ideas?
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          robva65 Level 2
          Hi Conrad!

          As you have no doubt already realized, using the Learning Interaction templates that are available in Flash MX / MX2004 and 8 will not work at all in Presenter content.

          The coding methods conflict while playing back within the Breeze environment and I think it has to do with the _dropTarget property as part of the interaction's codebase. The _dropTarget method is NOT supported in Breeze, but the hitTest() method IS!

          I have written a few drag and drop exercises that do work within Breeze content, and you have to use the hitTest() method to accomplish it.

          As you already have discovered, the bottom line is that the learning components were intended to be "stand alone" objects that could be incorporated into a web page (or even a CD as these objects are nothing more than swf files). Aside from the fact that the prebuilt/preconfigured learning objects in flash don't always work in Breeze, in my mind, the bigger question here is the ability (or more accurately) the inability to connect these SCO's to an LMS for tracking. As stand alone objects, they're actually pretty handy...but not in Breeze.

          I realize this doesn't help much with what you're trying to do, but from my perspective, you're better off creating your own drag n' drops.

          I've got a bunch of examples to share if you'd like to take a look...just send me a PM or email if you're interested.

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            conrad60 Level 1
            Thanks for the information! I was actually looking for a quick way to add some learning interaction to a presentation and involve the student. This seemed a quick way to self evaluate and also provide some interaction. I did discover the following:
            When the component is running in a free standing flash movie the following
            statement var target = eval(this._droptarget)._name; returns the name of the
            movie clip that is the drop target.
            When the flash movie is embedded in a Breeze presentation this statement
            returns a value of "undefined" so the code cannot reconcile a target movieclip and the drag object is returned to the start position.
            If you have any examples that I could use and substitute my own target clips I would appreciate it.