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    Cross site scripting errors in RoboHelp 8.0

    barbc11 Level 1

      We are using Robohelp 8.02, generating webhelp for a web application. Development just started to use Fortify to identify security vulnerabilities. The Fortify software found 17 Robohelp htm files with cross-site scripting security holes. We are NOT using RoboHelp Server 8.


      Before creating this posting, I searched the forums and found one post from Feb 2010 (Beware -serious - cross site scripting errors in Robohelp 8.0).

      From reading that posting, it appears that an Adobe engineer was involved----I'm not clear on the final outcome for this issue.


      Any additional information on the final resolve for this issue would be helpful.




      Beware - serious breach - cross site scripting errors in RoboHelp 8.0