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    pass event

      I have created a series of flash elements using corel rave 3, their only function is to change colors on enter and down. One of the elements is labled "index" and I have placed a pull-down menu (I am using an educational version of Director 8) underneath it. I created the pull-down using the pull-down menu behavior from the Behavior Library. I tried using the example in the book for passing an event from the flash element to the sprite underneath it. I tried using it as a frame behavior, a movie behavior, a on mouse down behavior and a mouse up behavior. The flash element still changes color through the different roll-overs, but the menu does not pull down. I am still new to using Director, however, this forum has helped me out alot, in the questions that I have asked and from questions others have. I would like to thank all of the people that provide information for us who are still learning.