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    Changing file type


      I have edited a file on Premiere Elements 9 and want to post to a website.  I was told that the file needs to be MP4 for posting.  In the share section, I see only MPEG, AVI and FLV.  How do I convert the file to MP4?  Thanks.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          In the Export/Share, you will want to look at MOV and choose the H.264 CODEC. As each version seems to move things about, I am not sure exactly where you will need to look. What version of PrE do you have?


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Do they give you anything more specific than an H.264 MP4, Steve? That could mean anything from hi-def AVCHD-type video to video for an iPod -- small files for streaming over the web to huge files you can barely fit on a BluRay disc.


            John Cloudman offers great settings for online viewing. You'll find them in the FAQs to the right of the forum.



            To access these settings go to Share/Computer/MPEG and select one of the H.264 presets -- then click the Advanced button and create your own preset to match John's recommendations.

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              BALDWIN2925 Level 1

              I am still not able to upload my DVD to the website.  I saved it as H.264 1440x1080i 25.  The file shows on my hard drive as 405MB.  I looked on Adobe at NTSC and that is 119.5MB.  PAL DVD is 119.5 MB.  H.264 now shows as 780.6MB.  HD shows as 296.2 MB.  MPEG2 shows as 974.0MB.  MPEG Multimedia shows as 119.8MB.  The saved file I have shows as MPEG2-TS.  I am totally lost as to what is going on and what I need to do to get to an mp4 file that I can post.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You're trying to load a DVD to a web site? that's certainly not going to be possible.


                I thought you were looking to produce an MP4.


                Can you tell us what it is you're trying to accomplish? We can certainly recommend the best workflow if we know what your destination is.

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                  BALDWIN2925 Level 1

                  I probably was not clear as to what I am trying to do.  I imported a DVD file to Adobe.  I then did some editing and saved the file.  I then tried to post the saved video file to a website.  The person running the website said to try to have the file as an MP4.  The site is not a Youtube site.  It is a discussion site that allows people to attach photos or videos.  He just told me to try outputting the file as an avi and I will try that.  Thanks for the patience.  I'll eventually get it!



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                    I use Share > Mobile Phones and Players > Apple ipod and iphone, to create mp4 files.

                    Also, click the 'Advanced' button to customize the setting to your needs.


                    Hope it works for you too.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      A couple of suggestions, Baldwin:


                      1) Make sure that your Premiere Elements project is set up for DVD video. This is very important as DVD video has some unique properties that you must compensate for.

                      2)USince your video is not hi-def (since it's coming from a DVD), here are the settings you should be using for your output:


                      From the Share tab, choose Personal Computer and then MPEG.  Choose one of the H.264 presets and then click the Advanced button.

                      From the settings window, do the following:

                      b Video Tab
                      *Video Codec: H.264
                      *Quality: 100
                      *Frame Wdith: 640
                      *Frame Height: 480
                      *Frame Rate: 29.97 (If you are in PAL TV land, use 25 fps)
                      *Field Order: None
                      *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square
                      *Set Bitrate: checked
                      *Bitrate: 8000 kbps

                      b Audio Tab
                      *Audio Code: AAC
                      *Output Channels: Stereo
                      *Frequency: 44kHz

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                        BALDWIN2925 Level 1

                        Thanks to all for the responses.  I was able to post the video using AVI and then Microsoft AVI preset and Microsoft Video 1 in the Codec.  The quality was set at 75.  However, when played the video came out very pixelated (?).  I was told that I need to lower the compression and to choose something above 2500 kbps in the compression settings.  How do I control the compression?  I did not see how to set the Bitrate.



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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          Is there a reason you didn't use the specs we recommended, Steve?


                          An AVI is a very inefficient way to deliver a file at any quality. It's great for a source file -- but lousy for one you're going to deliver online.


                          In order to raise the quality level for this file, you're likely going to have to make it much larger.

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                            BALDWIN2925 Level 1

                            I have gone back in and looked for the settings you indicated.  I went to MPEG, then a preset of H.264 1440x1080i 25.  I turned off the export audio as the film was silent.  Under advanced, there was not a quality setting available.  The Codec shows as MainConcept H.264 Video.  For TV Standard, I used automatic.  For frame dimensions, I used 720x480 (the smallest available).  I used frame rate of 29.97, field order of automatic, pixel aspect ratio of automatic, profile main, level 4.1, bitrate encoding of VBR 1 Pass, Bitrate level custom and both target bitrate and maximum bitrate of 8.06.  The playback on Windows is good, except that across the screen is the wording "created with Adobe Premiere Elements 9 trial version."  How do I get rid of that?


                            Thanks for all of your help.



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                              VDOSurfer Level 3

                              The banner is a limitation with the Trial version. This will not be seen with the full/paid/serialized version

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                When you have the full-paid version, see this FAQ Entry on removing the watermark from your Project for Export/Share.


                                Good luck,