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    Upload excel data into SQL DB using CFQUERY

    Tpaul Level 1

      I am using Excel 2007 and SQL 2005, but the folliwng code is not working and I am getting the message which I have set. Could you please help me out what changes to be made for my <cfquery>Tag?

      <CfQuery name= "MyXLQry" datasource="myXL">
      Select * from [FirstTab$]
      IN '#thisDirectory#\#newName#' 'EXCEL 5.0;'
      <cfcatch type="Database">
          <cfset message="This is not the correct Excel file as the FirstTab is not present.">
          <cflocation url="dsp_message.cfm?message=#message#" addtoken="No">

      I have set up "myXL" as ODBC Socket in CF Admin and using CF 7.0 (don't want to CFCs)