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    Trial Expired


      I am trying to use the Flex 3 Builder beta 1 but the trial has expired. How do I continue to evaluate the tool?

      Thanks, Robin
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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          You can use your Flex Builder 2 serial number to extend the trial.

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            I guess I have the bad luck of coming to Flex at a bad time. I have never used Flex so I do not have Flex 2. It did not occur to me that the Beta for Flex 3 was meant only for Flex 2 users. I just happen to be evaluating RIA tools for a new project. From what I was able to see I am very impressed by the Flex/Flash platform. It just surprises me that Adobe would put such a short expiration on the beta. So the question remains unanswered.

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              matt_chotin Level 3

              You can purchase Flex Builder 2 and apply the serial number. There will be attractive upgrade pricing to Flex Builder 3 when it is finally released.