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    Looking for suggestions on how to architect a small data-collection app

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm working on a small data-collection app.  It's a membership application for users to join a group.


      Right now we've got it running as an ASP.NET web forms app, but we'd like to rewrite it in Flex and make it a bit more dynamic, automatically adding and deleting questions based on their input as they progress through the application.  For instance, the questions might be in regards to their children, but if they indicate they have no children, then all the questions related to their children would be removed.


      My initial thought on how to do this is to break the application into segments, and then use a TabNavigator to put each segment in a separate tab.  The user can then advance through each tab of the application, and I could add/remove tabs (can I do that?) based in their input.


      Is this a good way to do it?


      Also, what's a good way to break the code of my app into smaller segements.  I can see how if I put this all in one MXML file, the file would grow huge with all the questions we want to ask.  How should I break it up into more manageable, maintainable chunks of data?  Should I be using components?  And then the components send/receive events to and from the main application?


      I'm eager to hear feedback on how to best proceed.  Thanks!