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    Error at start up




      We're currently using CS5 Master Collection on Win 2008 / Win 7 network and experiencing an issue when starting up Flash Catalyst.


      When a non-admin user starts catalyst the user gets an error message saying an error has occured when writing to the users Application Data folder.


      See attached screenshot:


      As we're on a network we use Folder Redirection but the location Catalyst is trying to write to doesn't exist. All the other CS5 apps work fine - it's only Catalyst were having dificulty with.


      Can anyone provide any assistance or any pointers so we can troubleshoot further?






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          I have this same issue.  In my case it is caused by Desktop Redirection in Windows 7.  For some reason, Flash Catalyst is determining the Users profile directory by going up one level in the path to their Desktop.  This will result in the wrong location if you have a redirected Desktop.  I hope Adobe is working on fixing this.  Having a redirected Desktop is common in the Enterprise.