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    I'm "rebuilding" my raid -- do I need to "erase" my raid's hard drives

    rowby Level 1

      As some of you know I've been having a weird problem with my raid. One of my drives is failing but for whatever reason I am unable to replace it and create a "hot spare" and then expanding it to re-create my raid.  There's some


      I am finishing my current project today and plan to start today or tomorrow  the tedius process (well at least time consuming) of redoing my raid.


      I have 4 drives, and know which one has been failing.  So I have my new drive ready to go.   (Actually I bought an extra drive so in theory I have a total of FIVE hard drives, in case that is helpful in your suggestions.)


      I have done a total backup of my files, so I am wondering if I need to "erase" the data on the 3 drives that I will be re-using.





      I will be going over my old notes to remember how I created my raid, but if you have any suggestions for me as I "start from scratch" let me know.


      I have also ordered this and will be picking it up today:   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816212014