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    Problem in Flex3.0 Static Automation with QTP 9.2

    Majid Mahmud


      I am having problem in flex static automation, My testing envournment is

      1. QTP 9.2,
      2. Flex 3 builder
      3. Flash player 9.0.115
      4. IE 6.0 WinXP -Service Pack 2
      5. QTP plugin


      I am working on a flex based web application which contains mixed(html and flex) controls, I want to automate flex based components. There few pages in application on which recording is working fine but rest pages are causing problem and they are not being recorded.


      I have following observation,

      (for the sake of clearification i named the flex applicaion test.mxml)

      1. When I build test.mxml(with some static data) in flex builder with automation libraries enable and then run the swf file from bin-debug folder. Automation works and QTP records user event,
      2. When i placed the above build file (test.swf) in my application directory and access the file through application, QTP does not records,
      3. If i access the above file from application but this time i load via RunTimeLoading.html, this time QTP recods user events.(I know we donot need to instument if we are using RunTimeLoading).


      Is there anything i am missing?

      Please help!