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    Adobe pdf. printed documents are missing letters intermittently


      I have an unique issue and it only occurs on certain Windows Vista systems.


      A pdf was created with a combination of text and photos throughout the document. To eliminate the possibility that our pdf could be corrupted, we printed from other systems and the whole document printed perfectly.


      These are the symptoms:

      • Certain letters are missing from their words on the printout and in the print preview window.
      • Take the word "Section" as example. When printing the document we get "Sec..on".
      • There are only a few letters missing each time and they are consistently the letters i,o and t.
      • Only certain words have these letters missing while others are complete.
      • This problem is only on some on our Vista systems. Other Vista's and XP systems print the same document perfectly.


      What we have done on the Vista system with this issue:

      • We have re-installed the latest version of the current printer drivers.
      • We have run Windows updates.
      • We have run Adobe updates.
      • We have printed this document to several different printers with the same result.
      • We have compared the advanced print settings to those Vista systems that don't have this issue.


      It would be greatly appreciated if anyone out there could help.


      Thank you