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    Is Premiere able to "capture" tapeless footage/P2 (log and transfer)?

    mr. paperbox

      Hi! Does anyone know if Premiere Pro CS5 is able to "capture" my P2 files from my Panasonic, without a need to transfer all the raw P2 material from the card to my hard drive? So the thing is, I don't want to edit my P2 footage as they're, but to convert them to either mov, or mp4. PLUS I want to be able to trim and rename my newmade files.


      So basically I just need a log and transfer (Finalcut) kind of feature for Premiere.


      Now I'll explain you why.

      1. Let's say we had a filming where we were to shoot continuously two hours shot. So I have only one clip. About 60GB.

      2.I personally need only five seconds of those two hours.


      That should be enough reason. I hope you understood my point of view. Please don't ask me how this happened...

      Plus more reasons: In our company we need to have all the footage and materials converted as .mov, wmv or mp4  for storaging and documenting everything.


      This should be quite a simple problem but,... they always are. If there's no easy solution with Premiere, I hope you can point me a simple, easy program to do this. And working. (Otherwise we have to get some more Finalcuts, log and transfer, and then import our files in Premiere... Quite a hard way to do it)


      Thank you

      Timo Kankkunen