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    Input text to load swf

    sbryner Level 1
      Hey all,

      I'm trying to load a .swf file when a user types a number into a input text field and then clicks on the "Go" button.
      Where can I find help with this?
      I've got my go_mc and the input field on the screen. if I type say 19 I want it to go to 19.swf


      this file is being loaded into a Loader component so I'd want it to load into the _root.myLoader. If that makes a difference.

      One last thing,

      I've got my main file that has the myLoader. I've also tried loading a combo box component into it. But the drop downs do drop
      down. It doesn't when I play it in it's own .swf file but when loaded it doesnt drop down the list of options. Any thoughts?