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    Custom Air browser

    robin lankes

      I need to create a custom borderless browser which will run on a billboard type display. The browser is called via some url from a scheduler system where it is also given a window position and size.


      The borderless browser itself is the easy part in Air, but what I don't  know yet is how to make my browser the default browser and how to get it to react to some external command passing it position and size. I don't know exactly how the scheduler calls up the browser, but it must obviously make use of some default behavior that a standard browser can understand.


      What I've Googled up so far is that the default browser is a registry setting - is there some type of installation utility that works together with Air that can set this, or can I tap into the registry myself from within the Air app once I know what I'm looking for?


      If you call up a standard browser window with position and size parameters - can I call my custom browser in the same way and parse these parameters in Flex/Actionscript? Maybe this would be done via JavaScript?


      I now more about Flex/Actionscript than html and JavaScript etc., which I suppose is exposed in my line of questioning - sorry.