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    absolute beginner question


      I made an image with this properties:


      <mx:Image x="10" y="162" source="file:someLocation\someImage.png" width="248" height="93" scaleContent="false" mouseOver.Projects="someImage_mouseOverHandler(event)" id="someImage" x.Projects="10" y.Projects="162" mouseOut.Projects="someImage_mouseOutHandler(event)"/>


      When i am trying to change Y it goes wrong:


      protected function someImage_mouseOverHandler(event:MouseEvent):void



      someImage.Y = 162;




      protected function someImage_mouseOutHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


      someImage.Y = 160;



      error Description Resource Path Location Type

      1119: Access of possibly undefined property Y through a reference with static type mx.controls:Image. Project01.mxml /FlameLabs/src line 57 Flex Problem


      What am i doing wrong???