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    Google Maps API Problem


      Hi all,

      I have been looking for help with this problem:

      I added a map to a flex application and everything works fine until somebody tries to load the page with the flex app, intead the nice map shows this error:


      Initialization failed: please check the API key,
      swf location, version and network availability.


      More details are:

      I'm in a network where we use static IPs, ones that have full rights(meaning that can access anything on the web) and the ones restrinted(dont know that sites are restricted, youtube for sure), I realize that when I use a full right IP the maps is showed, but when I switch to a restricted IP the maps stop working and the error appears. I also notice that the error appears when the app is trying to call something where maps.googleapis.com...


      Does anybody knows have to go around this problem, thanks