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    OMF and AAF exports -limited functionality now with 'raw' DSLR audio files.


      I'm an post production sound mixer...and a film maker and thus I see PP CS5 from 2 sides. I'm using CS5 with a PC.

      The industry uses OMF or AAF to export from a video workstation to an audio one. However PP CS5's OMF and AAF are both flawed.

      I often had trouble exporting OMF's (from CS4) which failed without any reason popping up from the software. I usually believed this to be because of the OMF's restriction to 2Gb so I exported single tracks when I believe the source files are large...even when specifing say only 50 frame handles.

      AAF more often worked with large files but the exports become large of course (that's OK) and all video material had to be deleted in the sequence before doing an AAF export.

      I am now using CS5 and dropping my Canon 5D2 'H264' and Panasonic GH-1 'mts' files directly on the timeline instead of converting them to avi's with Neoscene. Great ...but alas all OMF's or AAF exports now fail....they will only work if I get my audio back to being wav files again, which isn't really viable once editing has occurred.

      I know that OMF is fraught...Avid never made it easy but AAF is a more up to date exchange protocol. Could I request that this is investigated and an intermediate  transcode to something like wav or AIFF be undertaken by Media Encoder when an AAF export is used? I assume that the encoder doesn't yet know how to process audio .movs or mts files into the required export audio file and just kills the process.

      David Taylor  Postfade Sound  Pinewood Studios UK

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have found adobe responsive to Bug Reports.  Fixes depend on what it takes to fix it, but adobe is making more frequent updates/fixes than has been true for some releases.  dslr footage is becoming popular with pro photographers; were you using such footage with CS4?  Just curious.

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            Postfade Level 1



            Thanks for the suggestion...I submitted a Bug Report.


            I used both OMF and AAF to export from PP CS4 to my professional Fairlght DAW, which was happy with either, as long as the export was succesful. As I said there were occasional problems with OMF even though I selected small 'audio handles' for the 'embedded' OMF exports. My source audiofiles are often pretty big. AAF worked with these big source files however.

            However I always used Neoscene to transcode my DSLR files before importing the Neoscene converted .AVI's into CS4, the audio was part of the new .AVI's and was probably now a .WAV.

            Now with CS5 I can drop the Canon 5D2's 'H264. mov's' or the Panasonic GH-1's '.mts' video files directly into PP-which plays them beautifully.
            My trouble now starts when I try and export the edited audio to my DAW. I can only get it to work with source files that are .WAV.

            I don't think other professional users, like all those new PP CS5 machines at the BBC, will be happy with the compromised OMF/AAF exports either as so many of us are using DSLR's now.