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      I hope someone could help me with this but I am interested in incorporating a database into my website. One in which clients can log in and see information pertaining to the their personal account with my company. Is there a way to do this using dreamweaver or is there another program I should purchase or use?

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          Yes there is a way to integrate database information into a website through dreamweaver. Choose a server side scripting language that your host supports then look at the server behaviors in Dreamweaver for instructions on how to connect your database.

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            I am not perfect with dreamwweaver and have problems with the technical language of describing certain things. So if you could put it in simpler terms for me that would be great

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              Here's a little trick I used to do: When I was first learning and I was presented with a term I was unfamiliar with I would google the term to learn more about it. For instance, if you search google for Dreamweaver server behaviors the first result is this page which explains everything about Dreamweaver Server Behaviors.




              So, to put it simply, search is your friend.


              You can't expect someone to explain the entire process to you. If there's something specific you need help with I'd be glad to help.

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                With dreamweaver, it can do all those things, however there is a fairly steep learning curve.  You would need to learn a server-side language (php is the most popular), then learn MySQL for the database. And in all probablity you would need to put a testing server on your machine, while it is not that complicated, it can take up some time to get it set up.


                There are some off the shelf programs that can get you almost all the way there, but there will still be times that you need to look under the hood to tinker with the code.


                Web Assist is one such add-ons for dreamweaver, but there are others.


                From what you have posted, it is not a simple task. I might suggest you look to have someone do the work for you.