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    Why my Catalyst swf's do not show in Flash-Player 10 ??

    Willem Buijs Level 1


      I understand Flash-Player 10 needs to be installed in order to view swf's generated bij FC.

      I make FC-animations for the website of the company I work for. No problem. But when I ask collegues to check my animations before putting them online, the animations won't show.

      My company has a 'closed' network; IE is installed, with Flash-Player 10. Nevertheless: when my collegues try out my animations, their browsers start downloading the latest flash-player-version. This results in an error-message, because the network does not allow anyone to install software, and so the animations fail to show.


      From what I see: version 10 seems not to be enough....

      Perhaps Catalyst-swf's need 10.1 ??


      Or is something else causing this problem??


      Thanks, Willem