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    How to Rename a Topic ID in Map File to Avoid Conflict with Another Program?


      Robo 8 HTML:


      Can somebody assist me in understanding how to rename a topic ID in my map.h file?


      An application programmer informs me there are nine topic IDs (shown below) in my project map file which conflict with predefined names of constants/functions from the Visual Studio Libs program and, is requesting I change the names of the topics listed below to resolve topic ID conflict in order to enable F1 call for these topics.


      #define Open    59

      #define Save    60

      #define Print   63

      #define Cut     72

      #define Copy    73

      #define Paste   74

      #define Clear   75

      #define Status  81

      #define Substructure  139


      Can I simply alter the topic names and retain their associated map numbers in <Create/Edit Map ID> dialog to resolve the map file conflict with Visual Studio Libs program functions? Or, is there more work involved in changing a topic name in a map.h file?


      Any assistance with this question is greatly appreciated.