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    Elements 7.0 crashing after installing/uninstalling 8.0


      I've used Premiere elements since the first version debuted.  I've only had a few problems, but was always able to work them out.  I was working with 7.0, but I saw 8.0 in my local electronics store, so I bought and installed it, did the updates, yada yada.  Well it completely screwed up my entire video system.  (I'm running  Windows Vista 64-bit).  I uninstalled the program, and was so happy to be rid of it that I didn't even ask for a refund.  Ever since then, I've had multiple problems with my 7.0 version.  I finished a wedding video with it, but it took twice the time because of crashes and freezes.  Can someone please help me?  I'm in the middle of another wedding, and my 7.0 version continues to freeze and crash.  I have to shut my computer completely down several times an HOUR, and I lose all of my imports.   Help please!