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    Specify duration in playlist configuration?


      Hi, I'd like to add a bunch of images to a media player. Ideally this would be a strobe player as it has all the visual components ready to go. I haven't figured out how to setup a playlist that defines durations and would have the elements added to a SerialElement which then would be added to the strobe player. It seems strobe is limited in the src attribute only allows for a single string value. Is this totally custom behavior that im describing or can this stuff be done simply with osmf and maybe im just not seeing it?

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          I think you have a few options here:


          1) You could use the OSMF Syndication library, it supports ATOM and RSS feed formats and creates a nice document object model of your feed. You could use the DOM it creates to create your SerialElement. This is more of a manual approach.


          2) You could use the OSMF SMIL plugin, it supports the image and duration SMIL tags. You could tell the Strobe player to load the plugin and give it the resource to your SMIL file. All you need to do, is create the proper SMIL file to do this.



          - charles

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            mdmave Level 1

            Charles, I am trying to run the AkamaiPluginSample that is included with the latest version of OSMF (1.5s03), and after importing all its dependencies, I get an error on this line trying to load the font Verdana (I am on a Mac):


            Cannot embed local font 'Verdana' as CFF. The CSS @font-face 'local()' syntax is not supported.


            I did some digging and tried a couple of fixes. I tried to add this to the <compiler> section of the build file:








            That doesnt work, even though I have verdana.ttf in there, as well as being installed on the system.


            I also tried changing the namespace in the Application to:








            and I get the error:


            Unable to resolve MXML language version. Please specify the language namespace on the root document tag.


            I am trying to build with the Flex 4.5 SDK.