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    What is the output of merged pdf?

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      Let say, I have three pdfs 1. a flatten pdf  2. interactive pdf (where i can fill data)  3.another flatten pdf.


      if i pass these three pdfs from assembler, then i can get one singe pdf as 1st pdf on first page, 2nd pdf on second page and 3rd pdf as on third page




      Scenario is : i want to allow user to submit a perticular section/page which he has requested. Other fields i wnt to freez.


      If there are three forms (say 1. personal detail form 2.official detail form 3. family detail form). User needs to submit all the details for the first time. Then i can merge(assembler) the all three forms and give it to user to fill the all details. Then user clicks on the submit button, all the details got submitted via calling servlet.


      Now next time if he request to change\edit\update official detail, then i can create a form where personal details and family detail are freeze but official detail form is interactive.




      My question is

      1. Will this pdf be intractive pdf?  eg.pdf( flatten+intractive+flatten)=intractive pdf

      2. if the output pdf is intractive pdf,then can it be submitted to servlet



      Sunil Gupta

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          Hodmi Level 4

          1 - Yes.  Use the baseDocument attribute for the middle (interactive) document and the noXFA tag for the other two (non-interactive) documents

          2 - Yes, you can submit it.  You'll only get data for the middle document as the others are now flat (there are no fields in them).