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    Problem with LTKRN11N.dll after enabling "View PDF in Browser" option


      Good afternoon,


      I'm trying to install an internal business application on one of our office PC's but keep getting errors during the install.  The two errors I receive are:


      The ordinal 267 could not be located in the dynamic link library LTKRN11n.dll

      The ordinal 173 could not be located in the dynamic link library LTDIS11n.dll


      I've narrowed the problem down and can repeat it...it seems to be the result of enabling the option "View PDF in Browser" in the preferences of Adobe Reader 9.3.  Simply unchecking the option does not fix the problem and neither does uninstalling Adobe or the other application.  So far, the only answer has been to re-image the machine without the option, install the other application and then enable the option (if needed) however, once the option has been enabled, any further attempts to install the application, will fail, reuquiring a re-image.


      Any help with how Adobe uses these dlls or what might remedy the problem would be greatly appreciated.