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    Server Busy on startup

      i have checked the forums here and google and I cannot figure out why I am getting the dreaded Server Busy error when starting Dreamweaver. If I wait for about 1 minute and press the retry button it will open up. I just started getting the error 3 days ago.

      To try and fix it thus far I have removed all of the remote servers for my 20+ websites setting them to none. I have uninstalled CS3 and reinstalled it and I have restored back to a previous state from 1 month ago using system restore.

      Some facts about my laptop: HP with intel duo core running XP Media Center SP2. NO firewall or virus protection. And no I do not have any little critters that I can tell(no weird services running or anything). I do not have IIS running as I am running XP Media Center. I have XP Pro but have not installed it.

      Any help?
      This is really getting annoying...
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          marcusneto36527 Level 1
          figured it out. I cleared my windows recent documents and the problem with Dreamweaver and the slowness with photoshop cleared up.

          For those that might stumble across this in the future right click on the start button and select properties. Click the customize button next to the start menu selection. Click on the advanced tab. Click on the clear list button...