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    First HTTPService request takes forever

    mattcom Level 1

      Ok.  I have an interesting event taking place with my application.


      The first HTTPService request takes about 10-20 seconds and then, any additional requests are made between 1-5 seconds.


      A user types in a country code that and clicks a submit button.  The request is sent to a PHP page with the variable, the PHP creates an XML response.  Flex updates a datagrid accordingly which shows rates/minute for phone numbers with that country code.


      Any suggestions as to why this might be?


      Thanks in advance.


      Other Thoughts:


      First Request = 7 results (about 15 seconds)

      Second Request = 168 results (1 second)

      Third Request = 3028 results (5 seconds)

      Fourth Request = same request as First request (less than 1 second).