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    checking out just 1 file instead of loads?


      I'm helping out a charity with their website which is a pretty big website with quite a lot of files on the ftp, I have enabled check in and check out so no1 can modify files while someone else is however I have noticed when I check out a file it gets all the files included on the file and this is rather annoying, is there a way of getting it to just check out the single file as none of the images on the file are modified in any way shape or form but DW still tries getting them.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Preferences > Site > Dependent files: > Prompt on get/check out (enable)


          Then when you Check out the next file, you will be prompted to get dependent file.  Answer NO, and enable the "do not ask again" option.  Now, whenever you Check Out a new file, you will only get the file, not the images or the CSS or the js that might be needed for proper display of the page in the browser.  You can return to the Preferences settings to alter this behavior again.