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    Pretty Please... a small but complete /XObject /Image example file


      Hi all.


      I am in the process of reading the PDF spec PDF 32000 and have read and successfully used the sections related to creating documents with text and graphic elements for my schematic capture program. I have been reading the section on /XObject /Image tags and have tried and tried to get a small example working to no avail. I am interested in creating a PDF with several imbedded images. Seeing a small hello world example that includes a small /XObject /Image would be invaluable since I believe it will really turn the light on for me. I keep finding examples that have a few bytes and then... insert 10,000 bytes here but I would really just like to see one small complete example file in ASCII that has an imbedded /XObject /Image in it and not just an inline image. I would really appreciate the shove in the right direction.